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Past Events

"How We Teach"

July 14, 2021

Jennifer Szende, "Assessing Analytic and Evaluative Skills in Philosophy Using

 Multiple Choice Questions"

Mo Janzen, "Reimagining Undergraduate Research in Philosophy: Introducing Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities in Beginning Level Philosophy Classes”

Dave Concepción and Sarah Vitale, "Change Your Class to Specifications Grading in One Session: Bring Your Syllabus!”

Jane Drexler, "Teaching Philosophy as a Way of Life:  Assignment Design Principles"

"What We Teach"

June 23, 2021

Russell Marcus, The Philosopher as Listener: Asking Better Questions in Class

Stephen Miller, Extending the Moral Imagination

Merritt Rehn-DeBraal, Teaching Intellectual Charity through Rappaport’s Rules

Mark Selzer, Teaching Topics like Consent to Students Who Know It All

Alfredo McLaughlin, Making Ideas Relevant Through Journaling

Betsy Decyk, Active Listening for Active Learning

Mark Herman, A Pedagogical Case for Ethics First and Epistemology Last in Intro Phil

Sessions Handouts

"Why We Teach"

July 28, 2021

Paul Green, "Two Concepts of Learner-Centered Teaching"

Bailey Szustak,

“Secretly Philosophy: Designing Interdisciplinary First Year Courses”

Shari Prior, "Navigating Sticky Wickets: Professor Ethics and Daily Dilemmas”

"Who We Teach"

June 9, 2021

Kelly Burns,  “Building a More Inclusive Course”

Jerry Green, "Assignment Tracks..."

Emily Esch, "Whiteness in the Philosophy Classroom"

Chad Mohler and Sarah Mohler, "Undergraduates Teaching Philosophy to Elementary Students Using Children’s Literature: Some Practical Lessons"

Karl Aho & Nate Jackson, “Building Interdisciplinary Bridges and Responding to Students’ Basic Need in General Education Courses”

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